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Backgammon Thought starters

This page will aid in a dialogue and definition for the highly crafted, unique backgammon board or table that Jean-Michel can create to bring your vision to life. Since Jean-Michel creates each backgammon piece from scratch, there is alot of customization that can be designed into your piece.

And, if you see one on the site that is exactly what you’d like— simply check that item below in “styles” and off we go!

Don’t worry—none of this is final until you and Jean-Michel have agreed to specifications— so you don’t need to complete all the sections, or any for that matter!

We will continue the dialogue as appropriate via phone or email. Jean-Michel finds that some folks like to use this form and find it a convenient and efficient way to get started.. and others prefer a phone chat— or both. Whatever works for you…

Name *
Board or Table? *
Styles that you'd like exactly or that have something appealing to you (check one or several)
Please peruse the website, and indicate the style name(s) of boards that are of interest, or for which the color palette or certain details catch your eye (this is just directional).
Please share here any starter notes, ideas, or specifications that you'd like Jean-Michel to consider as we start defining your board or table
How would you like to store your playing checkers and dice? *
Jean-Michel can add initials, house or boat name, etc to the center of the board or elsewhere on the board.
If you do want a personalization and know what it is, please note below:

Next Steps: Jean-Michel will review above, and either continue discussions or get right on to creating an estimate and timing quote. Thank you!