A foundation of Jean-Michel’s ability to create highly crafted backgammon and other game boards is his work as a furniture artisan. Jean-Michel serves residents of the Hamptons and Manhattan; bringing European attention to technique and detail, as well as an artistic eye, to all his work. All projects are mastered personally and only by Jean-Michel, so that he can ensure control of the quality.

Custom Furniture

Furniture Reimagining

Furniture Restoration

Custom Furniture: Sometimes, it just can't be found in a store-- it's in your head and you'd like it just right, just that dimension, just that finish. That's where Jean-Michel comes in, creating customized items to bring your vision to life.

Furniture Reimagining: One of Jean-Michel's specialities is taking a piece that is past it's prime and give it new life with a creative, artistic twist, using unexpected materials and applications.

Furniture Restoration: Careful restoration of the original splendor of beloved pieces, using time tested techniques and intense attention to detail.


Backgammon With a Twist


Backgammon With a Twist: Luxury custom backgammon boards with a delightful "twist" on this traditional game. These pieces of functional-art are hand made with exotic woods and quality craftsmanship, and can be customized and personalized.