Not sure which style of special Studio Jean-Michel Backgammon board your recipient would like? Or, just not enough time to have a board created before the special date? No problem….

Jean-Michel offers gift boxes for gift certificates for a custom backgammon board or backgammon table, so that your gift certificate has a little more special quality when your recipient receives it. Your recipient will receive their certificate in a luxurious copper color or silver color ribbon tied box, inside will be:

One (1) miniature hand carved and decorated surfboard point that is similar to the styles Jean-Michel uses in his backgammon boards (photo shows 3); two wood (2) backgammon dice cups; two (2) wood dice, and your gift certificate.

Gift box Hero.jpg

Gift certificates are noted as for “1 Custom Backgammon Board” or “1 Custom Backgammon Table” or “$x toward a Custom Backgammon Board/Table”- please indicate preference.

We will work with you to help you identify the appropriate certificate value.

If shipping directly to recipient please indicate how you would like the certificate filled in.


Gift Box with surfboard, dice and dice cups: $45 + value of gift certificate.

Gift Certificate only: no additional charge beyond value of gift certificate.

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