What is the process for commissioning a backgammon board or table?

1) Send an email inquiry to Jean-Michel using the contact form on this site.

2)Jean-Michel will collaborate with you via email and/or over the phone (your preference) about your vision for a customized game board- - discussing style, colors, materials, sizes and other details.

3) Jean-Michel will translate your ideas into a unique and personalized design, and confirm it via an estimate that details the piece.

4)Upon your approval of the specifications, and receipt of 50% deposit, the design can get started.

5) Jean-Michel will provide an estimate of timing during your discussions; it generally takes from 3 to 6 weeks to complete a board, but wait times can be longer if there are other orders in his queue.

6) Jean-Michel will stay in contact with you by email and sometimes with photos of the work in progress so that the finished product exceeds your expectations.

7) Upon receipt of payment of the balance due, Jean-Michel will arrange shipment of your custom creation.

8) Unwrap, roll the dice, and enjoy!

What are the dimensions of a backgammon boards and tables?

Because each item is custom made, and dependent on the woods available, sizes will vary slightly, and can also be customized to a client’s specifications. Standard board: approx. 27” x 20” . Small board: approx 24” x 19”. Table (with side sections): approx. 41” x 22”. If you require a very specific dimension kindly indicate that when collaborating with us on your piece.

Jean-Michel hates to disappoint clients, and always tries to accommodate “special” dates. That said, he also maintains a fair “first come, first served” order for making his one-of-a-kind pieces. And, he creates each piece by hand himself— it wouldn’t be his art if he didn’t.. so he can’t go at manufacturer speed, but you’re not getting a manufactured item.

If the piece is a gift and you are short on time, consider purchasing a gift certificate; Jean-Michel presents his certificates a luxury gift box with some other special items unique to Jean-Michel’s work that make the gift stand out, and then your recipient can work with Jean-Michel to design their own special piece. Inquire with Jean-Michel for details.

In some instances, Jean-Michel can expedite the creation of a board for a surcharge; check with Jean-Michel for details.

I’m in a hurry! and/or it’s a gift.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments via Paypal, and personal checks. We consider a deposit or final payment “accepted” upon receipt of credit card payment, or upon check clearance.

Yes— Jean-Michel enjoys adding personalized touches to pieces he crafts, as it makes the item that much more unique and meaningful to the owner even if it’s just a small secret detail. He needs to know if this is desired at the design phase of the project. Please discuss your interest with Jean-Michel and he will offer up suggestions. He can do personalized inscriptions (like, “with love from dad..”), initials, logos, and other artwork, etc.

Can my board or table be personalized?

How much do Jean-Michel’s creations cost?

Jean-Michel prices his functional art backgammon based on a variety of factors:

*Materials: common wood, rare or exotic wood, special metals or accents like gold or silver leafing, hand dying, metal casting, special veneers

*Style: simple board, or folding style; board or table; degree of workmanship and time required; new creation that requires extra design and creation time

*Type of playing checker box: there are simple ones and more designed and crafted boxes

*Customizations and personalizations

*And finally, rounds of revisions for comps or design.

Backgammon boards start at around $1,150.

Overall, please enjoy your board or table, use it to it’s fullest! But also treat your item like the special piece of art it is.

Rule #1: In order to keep the resin surface in good shape, do not use anything other than water and a soft cloth to clean the surface of the piece. Nothing with ammonia. No wax. nothing abrasive.

Rule #2: The resin surface of your piece is fairly durable— but too much time baking under direct sunlight will soften the resin, so keep it in the shade if it’s out of doors, and don’t leave it outside for prolonged periods in very warm climates.

Do not leave the piece outside on a deck or patio year round, it’s not meant to endure inclement weather, heat, cold, long periods of humidity. The wood can fade, warp or get distressed in other ways. (if you have a table, the legs easily screw off for moving or storage)

Maintenance of the wood: Jean-Michel finishes his woods with a variety of finishes. Avoid things like commercial furniture polishes (e.g: Pledge). You generally shouldn’t need anything other than a soft cloth to keep it clean.

How should I care for my backgammon board or table?