What is the process for ordering a custom backgammon board or table?

1) Send an email inquiry to Jean-Michel using the contact form on this site.

2)Jean-Michel will collaborate with you via email and/or over the phone (your preference) about your vision for a customized backgammon piece - - discussing style, colors, materials, sizes and other details.

3) Jean-Michel will translate your ideas into a unique and personalized design, and confirm it via an estimate that details the piece.

4)Upon your approval of the specifications, and receipt of 50% deposit, the design can get started.

5) Jean-Michel will provide an estimate of timing during your discussions; it generally takes between 3 and 6 weeks to complete a board, based on the number of other orders in his queue.

6) Jean-Michel will stay in contact with you by email and sometimes with photos of the work in progress so that the finished product exceeds your expectations.

7) Upon receipt of payment of the balance due, Jean-Michel will arrange shipment of your custom creation.

8) Unwrap, roll the dice, and enjoy!

What are the dimensions of a backgammon board?

This page is under development. Thank you for your patience.

What are the dimensions of a backgammon table?



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