Jean-Michel Andriot was born and raised in France; living on the beautiful Côte d’Azur, until coming to the U.S. around 15 years ago. The grandson of a successful woodworker and son of an architect and consummate tinkerer, he had early exposure to the European heritage of craftsmanship.

His first home in the U.S. was Manhattan, NY, where he gained his bearings in American culture and urban lifestyle. But, having spent most of his life by the seaside, he gravitated to a more familiar and nature-filled environment, and set up his studio in Westhampton Beach a few years ago. There, his creativity is constantly fueled by the quiet, beauty and charm of East End coastal life.

Jean-Michel is passionate about experimenting with different woodworking techniques and is intrigued by the mélange of wood and soft metal which can be seen in many of his designs. He can often be found in his workshop looking for the next marriage of colors, textures and materials.

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